Top Nine Things People Search To Get Here

It’s just a fluke that the 162nd day of Lipogram! Scorecard!’s existence happens to be today–the hole in the U. S. sports calendar. In order to fill the void, once you’re done “admiring” the new logo, here’s a list of some of the weird things people have typed into search engines to find this blog–not the nine most popular searches, but in my opinion some of the funniest. Some of these would have taken you to one particular post, others are more reflective of the blog at large. Enjoy!

  • no i’m not on roids tshirt (There are a surprising number of variations on the things-to-put-on-a-t-shirt theme for a post that was about things not to put on t-shirts.)
  • how many win as coach tony la russa (As of right now, if I understand the question correctly, 2,510. My blog is the second hit for that search in Google…)
  • longest lipogram on the internet (Also the second hit. I’m flattered, I don’t lay claim to that title…)
  • coming up with titles for papers (Again, this is what I’m not good at.)
  • a psalm about david & goliath (Good luck is all I can say.)
  • baseball score card light version dark v (No idea–I think this might have gotten truncated at some point–but I’m the third hit.)
  • scorecard honkbal (Third hit, but second hit if you exclude Dutch results.)
  • prettend winer (Google notes that the “results include words similar to the words in your search”.)

And finally…

  • some lipograms (Yeah, pretty much.)

162 games makes up a regular season; 162 days of blogging here has been a lot of fun. Hopefully, there’s lots more to come. However you came across this site, thanks for being here.


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