This Cap Is My Cap

This cap is your cap, this cap is my cap
Just snap in the snaps, one size fits all-cap
From the bright red visors to the ugly logos
This cap belongs to you and me.

As I was driving that ribbon of highway
I wondered if the game would go my way.
From the Motor City to Golden Valley
This land belongs to you and me.

Oh look, six runs is how far we’re trailing
The starting pitcher is clearly failing
I wonder if lazy fans are bailing
This lead belongs to you, not me.

I’ll save my writing that uses no e
For someone better than Kevin Slowey
Good thing we have phenoms nicknamed Joey
Could this ballgame belong to me?

We want lots of runs, we’re very greedy
The lead decreases, we feel less needy
That’s how we do it! Thank you, Joe Crede.
These runs belong to you and me.

And now it’s tied! Yes, you can compare us.
Thank you, Joe Mauer. Thanks, Brendan Harris.
The hats are thinking, If both teams wear us
There is no difference we can see.

So now we’re going to the tenth inning
Both teams are trying to do the winning
But the night is only just beginning
This night belongs to you and me.

They pulled ahead, oh yeah sure you betcha
It’s the fourteenth now, so time to stretch, yah
Look out you Tigers, we’re gonna catch ya
Scoring belongs to you and me.

But now things are getting somewhat tricky
Our last reliever is surnamed “Dickey”
This situation’s a little sticky
This rally is for you, not me.

Wake up the bats now! Hustle, don’t dally
We score one more run, is this a rally?
No–that proves to be the only tally.
This win belongs to you, not me.

I had no choice born into this nation
It often gives me exasperation
But that won’t stop me from celebration.
Morning belongs to you and me.


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