Motor City 5, Spain 0

You don’t play bottoms of ninth innings if hosts would win anyway. Duh. You don’t play for final outs if hosts clinch victory in ninth innings. Also duh. Hosts did in 8+ what visitors couldn’t do in 9. Victory is fair.

Still, losing on walkoffs is sad. And, if irrationally, it can prompt us to pity our status as visitors. What if our squad was hosting? Could it rally back in a bottom half? Could it walk off, winning without worrying about holding its margin?

If I’m not rooting for (or against) a particular squad, but am just watching sports, I might wind up sympathizing with that group that’s not as good. It’s fun to watch a squad that “shouldn’t” win do so. Or I’ll just watch for fun, without affiliation.

But what to do in Spain vs. USA? I didn’t actually watch any of it. I’m not much of a football fan. But it was on as background sound, and fans on forums I visit would discuss it.

I couldn’t root for Spain. Could I root for its opposition? I’m not highly nationalistic. I wish now and again that I wasn’t nationalistic at all. That I could focus on my own, individual worth, and all individuals’ worths, not having to look at which part of in our world I was born. Without having to look at an atrocity my compatriots did and know its guilt on my back. But, though I can hardly stand it, this “you suck for what folks you don’t know did” is a sort of nationalism too.

So what occurs if a squad I would support as David is also a squad I would not support for an opportunity to arrogantly boast “Oh, look how cool I am, I’m not rooting for this squad?” Nothing. I don’t root for anybody.

But following play, I laugh. I say “Wow”. It’s not a bonus for hosting, but smiling at local triumph? That’s an okay bonus in my book.


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