We Sports?

When I first blogged, I noticed something which surprised me in my poems. I used the word “we” oddly often. Something in sports turned lone supporters into collective gropus. When I switched to writing without “e”, I wondered if this would present problems. But it’s not very troublesome. Sometimes I use “I”; sometimes I use “us”.

But like Rickey once put it, this is the sport where putting solo success first, followed by club record, truly contributes to excellence. Why do we (they?) give room in the dugout to those pitching no-hitters? Worries of jinx? Or worries of intruding upon something upon which we–but there I go once more.

Our revolution didn’t topple despots or bourgeoisie. The new regime doesn’t consist of communes stifling independence. It’s numbers like (pitchers’) wins or RBI, relying on others’ skill beyond one’s own, which were overthrown.

The other night, the TV kept cutting to the rookie pitcher. Even when the opposition got hits, even when he couldn’t get the win, they kept showing him. No other people were sitting close enough to him to fit in the shot.


4 thoughts on “We Sports?

  1. I enjoyed this, but it occurred to me that given the first-person plural nature of the topic, wouldn’t an i-lipogram be more appropriate?

  2. Haha, I think it would! But would that just contradict my point? A thing to think about for forthcoming posts, anyway; thanks for noting that.

  3. Great title! And then there’s Wii Sports, too often played alone by boys and girls who should be outside with their neighborhood friends playing wiffle ball or pickle or shooting hoops or playing pepper.

  4. Thank you! I was alluding to that. 🙂

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