Not all sports fans think of rain how I do. You can’t stop a marathon and pick it up in sunlight, as far as I know, and NBA officials don’t worry about rainouts. Hoops action is fairly continuous–bouncing, passing, dribbling and running, shooting, scoring, doing it again. Track is also continuous. Running. Throwing and jumping too, but running is a basic action. It can’t finish two-thirds of its way through, not justly.

You could say a rainout is just as incongruous. But although it might not look fair, you can wrap your mind around it. For this sport is not as continuous as all sports; throwing, swinging, catching. Pausing. Writing it down. Pitching, hitting, running, sliding. Pausing. Standing up. Dusting your pants off. Throwing to first. Diving back. Pausing. Noting it. This allows us data that can’t go away. Statistics to maintain for analysis, atomic counts of balls and outs. You couldn’t halt a marathon–physical condition will not carry through to a following day–but this? This is all math, cold digits I can hold on to.


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