Canvas of a Season

The first bright streaks are quiet now. Above
The brash background, the paintbrush sinks into
The paint. This is just the beginning of
The season. Time for layer number two.

It won’t look like this when the year is done.
Most paint will cover over what’s below.
The topmost layer will display who won,
And only what shines through will let us know

What else took place. X-rays might let us see
Archives and dry box scores. But from a glance
The peaks and valleys will be brightest. We
Might forget what’s partly just random chance

As it’s overpainted. But that is how
All seasons go. We’ll enjoy the streaks now.


6 thoughts on “Canvas of a Season

  1. I haven’t checked in for a while. I’m glad I did. This one is beautiful!! I love the wordplay on “streaks.” Well done!

  2. Why thank you! (If you’ll look at on which days stuff got put up, you’ll find out that you didn’t miss much.)

  3. Any chance we could lift this one for Bardball? (I’d probably have to get it in this week, I guess, before its timeliness expires.)

  4. Just a follow up in the check box

  5. Best baseball sonnet I’ve seen. Thank YOU, on behalf of any others who would if necessary buy an x-ray machine to review those dry old boxscores when the mood strikes us.

  6. Ember Nickel

    Many thanks for your kind words. 🙂

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