Going Mad In March

Last spring, I was my gym class’s top NCAA Nostradamus. I’m anything but a hoops fan, but I could look at ranks and win-loss totals. I thought that a localish school couldn’t win too much–if it was that good, I would know that, right? Silly bias (that sort of school can’t play sports, can it? No, it couldn’t), finding a 12 that won against its 5, and I was triumphant.

For an ignoramus such as I was, picking just #1s and such was a good tactic–particularly for that Final Four. But a thing within us holds us back, mandating a Valpo or two. Not too many, though.

Unsurprisingly, I saw a lot of hoops on TV that spring by my low standards. Without affiliation to any school, I’d just root for my picks. Or so I thought, but I had to, right? It was only rational. So I’d root against squads with bandwagons I’d usually board. And it was sad. This month, with my picks laid out, I thought I would do so again.

I’m writing this, longhand, as Dayton is finishing its first-round win. I know fans who sit in stands I know firsthand, watching a cousin play for Dayton. I had WVU to win, but didn’t support it. I can’t brag about this. Fandom is not a conscious act of volition.

But I’m still happy.


One thought on “Going Mad In March

  1. I’m happy if you’re happy. Reading your writing brings joy to us.

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