A Psalm Of Sorts

Goliath got a bum rap, no? I think of him as smart for his day, knowing not to go to war with an option that wouldn’t kill as many. David can comply–a small harpist with a sling at first, and tools just as unassuming in matchups to follow. David v. Goliath II. David v. Goliath–trilogy-finishing drama. David v. Goliath 1,000,000 (by now it must go by script, right?)

A harp is okay for a surprising champion.  I think a horn is iffy, though. It’s got an apocalyptic sound to it that’s no good, and you can’t toot your own. As soon as you brag about your inability to win, you stop winning. And honking is a big no-no.

But it is a honkbal squad that has so shockingly won. It claims David’s crown by triumphing against mighty lords, sorry, Dominicans. So can I applaud? Join this bandwagon? Only so many fans can jump on or it will grind to a halt. That aura surrounding plucky victors can quickly turn into an intimidating wall, with opposing fans calling for its downfall.

So I don’t know what to say about this Dutch victory. But I do know this. In January, that squad had rank #6, with its Dominican rival at #17. Today’s David might just work for IBAF.


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