Winners From Japan (World Baseball Classic Remix)

Yes, once again they won
Have scored the winning run
Will make us soldier on
The games will run on long

I am trying to find out
To see what it’s all about
Keeping my head down
Don’t think that it matters now
But I have no doubt
We’re never safe, always out.

That night
They scored the winning run
They dreamed
About a rising sun
Oh, oh, oh
Why dream
When you’ve already won?

I am trying to find out
To see what it’s all about
Keeping my head down
Don’t think that it matters now
But I have no doubt
One day the sun will come down.

Going Mad In March

Last spring, I was my gym class’s top NCAA Nostradamus. I’m anything but a hoops fan, but I could look at ranks and win-loss totals. I thought that a localish school couldn’t win too much–if it was that good, I would know that, right? Silly bias (that sort of school can’t play sports, can it? No, it couldn’t), finding a 12 that won against its 5, and I was triumphant.

For an ignoramus such as I was, picking just #1s and such was a good tactic–particularly for that Final Four. But a thing within us holds us back, mandating a Valpo or two. Not too many, though.

Unsurprisingly, I saw a lot of hoops on TV that spring by my low standards. Without affiliation to any school, I’d just root for my picks. Or so I thought, but I had to, right? It was only rational. So I’d root against squads with bandwagons I’d usually board. And it was sad. This month, with my picks laid out, I thought I would do so again.

I’m writing this, longhand, as Dayton is finishing its first-round win. I know fans who sit in stands I know firsthand, watching a cousin play for Dayton. I had WVU to win, but didn’t support it. I can’t brag about this. Fandom is not a conscious act of volition.

But I’m still happy.

A Psalm Of Sorts

Goliath got a bum rap, no? I think of him as smart for his day, knowing not to go to war with an option that wouldn’t kill as many. David can comply–a small harpist with a sling at first, and tools just as unassuming in matchups to follow. David v. Goliath II. David v. Goliath–trilogy-finishing drama. David v. Goliath 1,000,000 (by now it must go by script, right?)

A harp is okay for a surprising champion.  I think a horn is iffy, though. It’s got an apocalyptic sound to it that’s no good, and you can’t toot your own. As soon as you brag about your inability to win, you stop winning. And honking is a big no-no.

But it is a honkbal squad that has so shockingly won. It claims David’s crown by triumphing against mighty lords, sorry, Dominicans. So can I applaud? Join this bandwagon? Only so many fans can jump on or it will grind to a halt. That aura surrounding plucky victors can quickly turn into an intimidating wall, with opposing fans calling for its downfall.

So I don’t know what to say about this Dutch victory. But I do know this. In January, that squad had rank #6, with its Dominican rival at #17. Today’s David might just work for IBAF.

Top Nine Things Not To Put On Your T-Shirt

From Twins Territory to Tampa Bay, there’s no underestimating the value of the humble t-shirt in determining team outlook for the season. So here’s my suggestions for things to rule out.

  • Somebody that loves me very much went to Hiram Bithorn Stadium and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.
  • The Yankees: Stimulating the economy since 1920.
  • No, I’m not on steroids;  I’m not going to risk my sponsorship agreement with Kellogg’s.
  • This Grapefruit League game was brought to you by Wilbert Robinson.
  • Just be yourself…preferably for less than $45 million.
  • Enjoy this garish color combination while it lasts, we’re not going to wear anything this stupid during the season.
  • Our GM skimmed on signing bonuses and all he did with the money was buy us these lousy T-shirts.
  • 9=9. 8=8. Seriously, it’s not that complicated.
  • 162, ±