A-Rod: Accusations and Admissions

Can I post now?

It’s obviously silly to ask. This is my blog, and I post if I want to. But part of my mind wants to wait for fallout that follows this. No, not from A-Rod. You say your apology, and you go on. But who will follow him into a dark spotlight? Do I truly want to wait and find out?

Say what you will about Barry Bonds, and I won’t fight you too long. But this? This was our fault. Craving a knight to gallop in and fix it all, which of us forgot how such a knight must jump from dark to light and back again? It cannot stay put, wholly good or wholly bad. All of us forgot. Forgot, too, our initial horror at his monolithic contracts. At what cost a champion without flaws? It’s not important. No such thing truly is.

As a Cubs fan, my obvious comparison is to our last campaign. Anticlimactic, but how could such a climax work without failing? Pouring too much into a solo shot just sinks it down.

So who is our forthcoming champion now? A young boy waiting for a thaw, or in his yard anyway. Throwing a ball up and catching it. It will not roll into a road. Not today, anyway.

Our champion plays in anonymity, and that is good. Soon, that play will turn into hard work, with shortcuts looming. But not for him, oh no…This is ridiculous. I, too, am hallucinating.

But a child of my imagination only cannot disappoint.


5 thoughts on “A-Rod: Accusations and Admissions

  1. They were all using
    weren’t they?
    I mean if you were one of them
    would you choose to say no
    and get left behnd?
    While they played
    and you sat on the pine
    they flew in the planes and stayed in the nice hotels
    and you rode on dirty buses and stayed in cheap motels.
    All because they took a few little pills or got an occasional injection
    and you didn’t

    In a race
    a photo finish
    and the winner is by a nose
    who remembers the second place holder?

    The hitters with the puffy bodies
    big neck
    big shoulders
    big arms

    The pitchers with new found endurance
    that was never there before

    and once the controversy began to forment
    in ernest
    the players who
    went on “special diets” and exercise programs
    and dropped 20+ pounds during a four month off season
    and they come back looking so lean

    were the users just competing harder?

    The reward to the winners of these competitions
    are millions of dollars.

    What unseen undectable potions are they using now?

  2. …Wow, looks like you’ve got a serious fan there. 0.0

    Anyways, great job with the no-e thing! My friend tells me there’s an entire book written without a single e in it, which sounded impossible up until when I read this post.. xD

  3. Thank you, Saffy! Both “Gadsby” and “A Void” (a translation of “La Disparition”) omit my symbol of scorn. Thanks too, camino, for your participation at this blog.

  4. Can only say, wow!

  5. Thanks! Not much to say, no.

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