As an introduction

FAQ? Not so. Qs? Okay. FA? Assuming you thoroughly look at this post, probably not. So…on with it!

Who are you?

Ember Nickel, of course.

That’s a weird name.

It’s not my real one.

What is your real one?

If I was going to tell you, would I have identified myself under a pseudonym earlier?

Hey, I’m supposed to be asking the questions!


So, what’s this blog about?

Sports. But I’m not another sports blogger. Read the subtitle, please.

All sports?

Mostly baseball, or hockey if the muse strikes me.

How often has the hockey muse struck you?

In my life? Two times…maybe three.

So baseball then.


Which teams?

The Cubs, the Twins, or whoever else I feel like.

What’s a scorecard?

Hmm. If you must ask, this blog might not work for you. But who am I to say? A man working at an MLB stadium didn’t know, so if you don’t, that’s okay.

All right, smarty pants, what’s a lipogram?

Now that’s a good inquiry! A lipogram is a work of writing that omits a particular symbol, such as my words in italics in this post. A Z-lipogram is trivial, but I flourish in difficulty such as omitting our fifth symbol of 26.

So everything you write will leave out the letter E?

Uh, no. This post doesn’t.

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to read the subtitle. Wait, iamb? Did you spell that wrong?


Iamb as in poetry?

Of course.

Baseball poetry?


How does that work?

Check out, where I blogged for most of the last two years alongside dianagramr and the Score Bard. The Toaster is…erm, soon to be toast, so I’ll be blogging here from now on. Or until I stop. Or move.

But your melodramatic incomprehensibility is no match for the Bard’s inimitable repartee!

Of course not. That’s why this is the Lipogram Scorecard…poetry will not be the be-all, end-all. Hopefully I’ll get to try lots of different styles.

Such as?

Sonnets (I prefer the Shakespearean kind), limericks (not good ones though), poems in that one form that I don’t have a name for yet…

Okay then.


My question isn’t here!

Send me an e-mail at graciebarn256 AT gmail DOT com.


That’s not my real name either.



Oh I get it. Not only are you a wannabe-formalist who thrives on outmoded concepts like rhyme, you also like powers of 2 and their binary duality. Don’t you know you’re living in the modern age, where not everything is black and white?

I’m a baseball fan. I have a right to nostalgia.


5 thoughts on “As an introduction

  1. Hey! Saffy (sound familiar?) here! XD

    (Ember is a.. boy? -gasp- Well [in response to your freaked out face] … the email name tells me a lot. Note: Jeez! I AM unable to participate now. I should know these things! And I probably won’t vote unless someone writes really badly. I’ve learned my lesson. 🙂 )

  2. Hi, Saffy! Thanks for coming! If you wouldn’t mind, don’t inform folks who I am in a particular building of doom.

    As for if I’m a boy or girl? Don’t jump to conclusions, is all I’ll say.

  3. If you are a girl – I love what you create

    If you are a boy – I love what you create

    I love what you create – and never tire of it

  4. leverage
    sounds great,
    you’re a poet and
    you know it
    finding a passion
    is hardly easy
    so take it
    oh so slowly

  5. Ironic you should post just as I upload my first lipogram. I want to put stuff up now, so folks don’t drift away. In spring, inspiration should…spring up with ballpark grass.

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